Maths Tutoring Oldham

Welcome, if you are a resident of Oldham or the surrounding area and you’re looking for tuition for you or someone you know in Mathematics, you may be in the right place. We are Sirius tutoring, a private tutoring company with a centre located nearby in Shaw. At Sirius we have tutors with experience helping students with Maths, from early years (Key Stage One), up to A Level Examinations and everything in between.

We have experience in SAT’s, Grammar School Entrance Exams, GCSE’s, and A levels.  
Help can also be provided to improve confidence and motivation, to keep the student on track with their studies.
We can also give advice with revision and exam tips.
Services also include;
  • English up to A level
  • Science up to A level
  • Reading and Writing
  • Annual Grammar School Mock Exams
At Sirius we have over half a decade’s experience at tutoring in Maths as well as our other subjects. 
Trust in us.

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