Maths Tutoring Shaw

Are you in the Shaw area and are looking for private tuition in Maths for yourself/your child/a friend or family member? We are Sirius Tutoring located in the centre of Shaw. Our tutors are qualified and excel in their respective subjects. They help students of ages five and over from their early years (with reading and counting), right through to grammar school exams, SAT’s, GCSE’s and A Level exams.

If you’re hoping to send your child to a grammar school, we offer tuition, practice and past exam papers, as well as running an annual ‘mock exam day’ to help them have the best chance possible.
Maybe you’re worried your child may be falling behind with his peers, we aim to boost confidence and help them get to grips with the subject.
It could be that they child excel and you’d like to help them fulfill their potential, we cover all A* material, and our tutors can help improve exam strategies.
We also offer tuition with the following.
  • English Language/Literature up to and including A Level.
  • Phonics
  • Science (as a combined subjects or as individual subjects) up to and including A Level.
  • Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning.
With over Five years experience and with many very satisfied past students, we’re sure we can help.

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