“My daughter really enjoys attending Sirius and we are very pleased with the progress which she has made in Maths in such a short space of time. This is entirely due to our daughter’s hard work and the excellent teacher who we are delighted with”.

Mrs M Fish

“I am writing to thank you on behalf of my family for the excellent work yourself and your teachers are doing for my son, Justin. It is very satisfactory and pleasing to hear from his maths teacher that Justin has made good progress in his class work. His confidence has increased considerably considering how it was back in April when he started with you. He enjoys his lessons, most especially his verbal and non-verbal reasoning. My sincere gratitude to you all and I hope he will continue to make good progress while still with you”.

Mrs. Richards

“My husband and I could not be happier with our sons’ progress in the two terms he has been attending Sirius tutoring centre. We needed a teacher at short notice so our son could receive some tuition before starting his new private school. Sirius was helpful and started him off immediately and within a few weeks the improvements were plain to see. Not only is our son now above and beyond what is expected of him at school, but he has exceeded our expectations and we are very proud of him. Sirius has been fantastic, we cannot thank them enough, and we will not hesitate to recommend them”.

Mr & Mrs P Daniels

“We are very pleased with the tutoring both of our sons receive in English and Maths. They are more confident and have a better understanding”.

Mr A Taylor

“My son’s attendance of Sirius is the best investment I ever made and worth every penny. Before attending, Mark was struggling in Maths. He was not focused and felt unmotivated. His rapid improvement after attending only a few lessons was also clear to see in his class work. He is starting to enjoy Maths again and by the end of the school year he is applying the four basic Maths operations to day-to-day activities, such as when we go shopping. I highly recommend Sirius.

Mrs D Williams

“My son enjoys attending Sirius and it has really helped him with his Maths. He is now in the top Maths group in his school. I am very happy and pleased with the way my son is being taught and for the fact that I get feedback on his progress after each lesson. I am also happy with the level of homework being given. Thank you”.

Mrs Johnson

“My daughter’s reading, writing and concentration have greatly improved since she started attending Sirius tutoring centre. She finds her extra lessons fun and enjoyable. I am amazed at how excited she is about completing her weekly homework which helps to reinforce what was learnt in the previous lesson. And I can’t thank you enough for the way that the homework has become a routine part of her life and given her a structure and discipline previously lacking. Her completed homework is promptly marked and she loves receiving the stickers which rewards her progress and hard effort. Thank you again!”

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